TechVillage Spaces

The TechVillage is the culmination of years of entrepreneurial work that was initially rooted in and powered by virtual communities spread out across the country and the world. As the Village expands, its physical spaces model follows the establishment of a community first. We do not believe in the “build and they will come” co-working model. Instead, we seek to build a home for our growing communities across the country. This enables us to build a space that meets the unique needs of that community with sustainability built in.

This is the TechVillage way of life .

City Space

It is 660 square metres of pure startup bliss. Apart from the resources and community, we provide working space, a boardroom, meeting rooms and event spaces. All of which is located at the heart of the Bulawayo CBD.


HubVisa is the universal access passport for entrepreneurs. It allows our community members to work at partner co-working spaces across the globe whilst “roaming” on the TechVillage membership and in so doing, providing a ‘home away from home.”

Campus Space

A work space for TechVillage community members based at the National University of Science and Technology. It is perfect for crunching a few lines of code during classes or organising a quick team huddle during the day.


TechVillage Communities

Community Hacks

Innovators hell bent on solving the world’s problems by leveraging on the collaborative brilliance of the TechVillage through Community Hacks.

Velociti Founders

Founders that are turning their start-ups into scalable businesses by attaining escape velocity at in Velociti.

Girls 2.0

A guild of female founders and entrepreneurs built to promote women in technology and encourage girls to innovate.

HackShack Creatives

A maker ecosystem created by Hackshack that is building hardware by Africans for the African context.

Devshop Developers

An army of code warriors from the Devshop that uses code to save the world, growing through developer syndication and peer based learning.


A league of content creators and curators that power Tipster in democratizing the media, by putting the power in the hands of mortals.


A clan of product validators and testers from Xbeta that help companies successfully launch customer validated products.


A band of “on the go” Spartans that power the logistics layer of Foodie, Need Energy and Washen and ensure on time collection & delivery.


A book reading club where entrepreneurs discuss literary content, and critique principles and processes post implementation.


Social Ventures



Working from the Village is amazing because I get to work with fellow founders who can relate to problems I face and are likeminded. It is the best way to startup.

PaulFounder - Washen

The Village literally becomes your very first market. It is awesome being able to sell your product to people who will help you make it better. Better yet, working right next to all your service providers from Payments and Hosting Services, to design and app development, we buy and consume each other’s products and services.

AyandaFounder - Foodie

Building a startup is really hard, on one hand you have the huge costs associated with the whole process and then there is the uncertainty that comes with start-ups. Being a part of the TechVillage helps to lower the costs significantly by making use of the infrastructure and the validation tools supported by the communities help you get dispel uncertainty and deal with real data!

KudzaiFounder - Teeme

The community asks real and raw, blunt questions that help you get to the real issues fast. It’s a gloves off pound for pound process that gets you to build for the user and not just chase dreams. Its hard love and that is what we need in Zimbabwe!.

LeroyFounder - Need Energy


The Village Life

See more of the Village life | techvillagezw



Takunda Chingonzoh Founder
Prince Madziwa Director
Tatenda Mapfumo Storyteller
Thamsanqa Mpofu Corporate Innovations Associate
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Village Meetups

Fridays - Weekly
Startup Conclaves

Startup Conclaves are unstructured social meetups for the TechVillage Community. Conclaves create an informal and more intimate environment for founders to meet and share their journey in disruption. Founders get to explore the extensive knowledge database that is alive in the community and find solutions to their current challenges based on other founder’s experiences. Conclaves are where mutual partnerships are forged, and where Master Minds and Hives are formed.

Quarterly -
Demo Days

Demo Days are “Startup meets the world” events organised by Velociti, the Resident Accelerator at the TechVillage. .

Each Demo Day is a platform for cohort start-ups to present their innovation to exclusively invited media partners and investors. The rapid fire presentations are followed by exclusive meetings setup to help turn the growing start-ups into a sustainable business.

November - Annually
The Techfest

The TechFest is a disruptive multi-day and multi-venue event introducing and exploring new local technologies and innovations.

The techfest brings together top- notch innovators, entrepreneurs and hackers while intersecting them with the public, private sector, investors and government through exhibitions, street pitches, hackathons, plenary & breakaway sessions, LAN Parties, Networking After Parties (NAPs) and startup conclaves.